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The World's First Comfort Service ​​

Magically Adjust
To The Perfect Temperature
Without Costing A Fortune

Cutting-edge AI empowers the ideal AC system for wellness and sustainability.

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Who Are We ?

We are the world's first comfort service. It's our mission to empower you to discover insights about yourself and your environment while keeping you most comfortable.
To do this we include our customizable window-based heat pump with our service!

It heats, cools, and is quiet. Gets installed under 30 minutes, and its powered by AI technology which makes it really smart... Like, super smart!
How does this help you ? scroll down and learn more.

Before you find out why your personalized comfort is so important, be sure to sign up to get notified when we launch.

Your Air.
Your Way.
Your Comfort.

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Stay Comfy At All Times Guarantee

With your membership to LOOFT we include a device for FREE.

It also includes consumption optimization, free repairs or replacements, free upgrades, in-app support, usage analytics, environmental notifications, community events, and more!

Do what's best for your comfort with personalized Optimization!

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Electrical Consumption, Cost Breakdowns, Historical Data, and more.

Your data tells you what YOUR comfort looks like every second of every day. You'll know when the air is dirty, how much money you are spending, if it might rain - and more - with a personalized experience on the LOOFT app

One Device For Comfort
All Year-Round

Dual heat and cool modes mean that you don't have to buy more than one device to accomplish year-round comfort. It also means less manual labor for you, install the device once, and never take it down.

Designed to be as
quiet as possible


There are many things in your home that can be noisy and distracting. Your AC unit shouldn’t be one of them! 

Due to our unique design the LOOFT is up to five times quieter than typical window units. Relax!

Powerful air flow means
you feel the breeze

20ft away.jpg

The LOOFT Comfort Device offers more air flow, meaning you can feel the cool breeze or warm wind from up to 20 feet away!

Inverter technology reduces electrical costs


Under all conditions, the LOOFT’s inverter compressor operates powerfully, efficiently, quickly, and reliably. This translates to more money in your pocket for an extra latte or a nice gift for yourself later in the year.



Cooling Capacity (BTU)




Est. Cooling Area (ft3)


Heating Capacity (BTU)


Dimensions (in.)

22.17 x 19.41 x 13.90

Product Weight (lbs)


Energy Efficency Ratio (EER)


Combined Energy Efficency Ratio (CEER)


Voltage (v)


Rated Amperage (amps)


Rated Wattage (w)


Power Cord Length (ft)


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