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LOOFT Lite and Max, the ultimate comfort companions.

Magically adjust to the perfect temperature without costing a fortune, cutting-edge AI empowers the ideal AC system for wellness and sustainability.

Starting from 


-40 %



We are launching really soon, to get the best deal and to be updated when we launch sign up to our presale page.

Choose the LOOFT that works for you.

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Tech Specs Max.png

Want to know when we launch ? 

Click the button to sign-up and get the LOOFT device and Service at over 40% OFF* when you are one of the first!
*Limited Quantities of Discounts Are Available!
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Reduce Costs. Help The Environment. Save
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Stay Comfy At All Times Guarantee

With your membership to LOOFT we include a device for FREE.

It also includes consumption optimization, free repairs or replacements, free upgrades, in-app support, usage analytics, environmental notifications, community events, and more!

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